Hey, i am observing this bug or problem from last 6 months on my android phone not on windows.
When i open the app without connecting to a "VPN" it not worked but with vpn it work.
Let's say i go to app through browser share options and bookmark a link then app opens but without vpn it's just loading not saving it looks like without "VPN" app is not able to connect to network.
I don't have this problem with any other apps besides "coingecko, KOO app, coinmarketcap".
For clarification app opens shows bookmark but not able to make changes to data already saved i can only see bookmarks but can't change anything without a "VPN".
some details:-
Using latest app version
Asus phone with beta android 10
build no QKQ1.WW_Phone-17.2017.2012.438-20201203
I have tried everything like using different WiFi, Mobile internet, changing dns , reboot phone, reinstall app, and many other things but nothing happened.