Sign in with Apple support
Now you can log in or sign up using your Apple ID.
This already supported in web, desktop app and browser extensions.
If you decide to share you real email (hugely recommended) you can attach your Apple ID to your existing account.
Update for iOS is on the way.
Now articles recognized immediately
In the past articles that you saved have been recognized with long delay.
This was happen because it processed in the background on the server.
Now most of the articles will be showed right away, right after you save a link.
If we can't process article right away it will be processed as in the past with delay. But such cases will be really small.
Import speed 20x improvement
Great news for new users especially.
Now import of your bookmarks speed is improved about 20x. Yep, now it so blasting fast that 20,000 bookmarks should import for few minutes.
* import of folders step is not yet improved, so this step can take long depends on count, but bookmarks itself speed always been a problem, and they always more that folders usually