Ability to upload almost anything (sometimes when I want it to get saved, I can't see Raindrop.io app because app only adds links, I want to click Share and choose Raindrop.io for gifs, pics, videos to watch that uses my accounts storage associated to my storage amount (like I specified in https://productpains.com/post/raindropio/ability-to-cache-websites)

The reason I use raindrop is because I can manually add links unlike the pocket app. I must share instead, and because pocket has a feature where all sites I saved, gets saved permanently so even if site falls down I will be able to browse still (with their pro account). Considering it's $5/mo for this feature, I would buy it but they only allow sites to be added through the share option. If raindrop had this feature, I'm sure it would increase the amount of people paying for it.